The Champions


Press conference, 1960.


this is a painting did u know

Disneyland 1968

eeee my best friend from university is coming up to my mums for a visit and she has the cutest little mini convertible and i can take her around the lake district and to the beautiful beaches and for ice cream down the coast road. She’s going to meet my family and my cute little puppy and I am sooo happy and excited! x


Anonymous said: may we see your perfect butt :)

not tonight babe, i’m all ready for bed! xx


Can’t stop buying vintage uniforms! This is a cute nanny outfits from the 1950s and the label states it’s from harrods! 

Elvis Presley, the American singer turned soldier, poses beside sign at Friedberg, West Germany, October 2, 1958. Elvis has been assigned to the Third Armored Division. 

Lystring på Krøderen by Hans Gude, 1851 (detail)
you are too beautiful!

London’s Hiddden Gems by Carrie WishWishWish on Flickr.
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I think this track was one of the first times I had ever heard Sammy sing!

A great song sung by two great pals (also two of the greatest voices the world will ever hear) :)